ESX vs. Hyper-V

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Наш индийский друг явно слабо разбирается в технологиях VMware, но при этом лоббирует гипервизор Microsoft Hyper-V.


VMware ESX

Microsoft Hyper V


In ESX Server you have to buy the server 6,958.00 $ (Enterprisefor 2 processors)and you still have to purchase your VMs Windows License

In December 14, author should know, that ESXi is also free of charge. [1]

Also Windows Server Enterprise Edition gives you 4 licenses for VMs running on the same server, whatever hypervisor you use. [2] [3]

It comes free with your Windows 2008 version.

You may have 4 VMs OS for free with enterprise edition.

Using new free Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, separating licenses required [9].


VMware Limit Windows guest OS support to boot-time and certified drivers’ compatibility, and refer Linux support to Linux Vendor.

Microsoft commits to front line support for both Windows and Linux, Providing in house problem resolution and avoiding the potential finger-pointing that often occurs with multiple vendors

Hardware requirements

Identical servers required for ESXto support HA.


Microsoft simplify HW requirements for cluster and relax requirements how similar are the cluster nodes

Advanced Memory Management

VMware uses memory overcommiting which is a big performance issue for critical application

There are many speculations on memory overcommitment technology. [4] [5].

Here is the response from VMware with numbers [6].

So the battle rages on.

Microsoft does not use memory ovecommit, Actually no need for that. You can save your money that paid for ESX and get your physical memory into your server.


VMware hypervisor is 32 MB that contains 3rd parity drivers.

1. VMware hypervisor is proprietary. So there couldn't be any unwanted software.

2. Some drivers developed by hw vendors specialists, and then tested by VMware engineers for compatibility.

Is there is an issue?

Hyper V hypervisor layer is about 872 KB. This small virtualization surface provide more secure against attack.

Author forget, that Hyper-V requires that Windows Server 2008 Core Services should be installed. [7] [8] [9]

Drivers Support

VMware employs proprietary protocol and data exchange formats, Making ESX server a closed environment

There is a special partner's program with [11] for developers. There are many successful startups on the market. Also VMware opens APIs [12].

Microsoft server validation program gives all iSVs a path to interoperability with Hyper V. Microsoft very broad ISV (45,000 vendor vs. VMware’s 1,800) result in many more vertical and lateral 3rd party products as well as a lager selection of hardware drivers options.

This is strange: 3rd party drivers author claims as an issue for VMware hypervisor, isn't it?

Processor Support

VMware must be installed on X86 processors, This cause limitation with X64 applications as we need address translation to run those applications.

This address translation causes performance issue


1) ESX could be installed either x86, or x64 systems. [13].

2) ESX's VMKernel itself is 32 bit, but as Virtual Machine Monitors are in fact 64-bit, it supports 64-bit OS's with no performance degradation [15].

Hyper V is installed on Windows 2008 X64 processors provides support for 32, 64 bit application

Hyper-V must be installed only on x64 platform [17]. Of course, you could run both 32-bit and 64-bit apps on both H-V and ESX, but it is still limitation in choosing a platform to your VMs.

Application Support

Some VMware options can not run for critical windows application, for example VM Motion can not move virtual machine that is using cluster services with another virtual machine

Yes, VMotion does not work with MSCS (Microsoft Cluster Services), but it is useless in that case.

Another example? Does anybody know software without any restriction?

Microsoft offers a wide support for most of windows applications under Hyper V.

We offer full support for windows server virtualization and Microsoft virtual machines

And VMware supports them too.

Product Hypervisor Technology

Ideological wars?

VMware ESX Server is monolithic hypervisor with intrinsic drivers requires pre-loading driver modules, resulting in a smaller set of support hardware

Smaller set? [14] [18]

Microsoft uses Microkernelized hypervisor employs standard windows drivers.

The hypervisor layer does not contain any drivers as all drivers exist on the physical host. That gives overall stability by permitting direct hardware access by guest OS.

This is security issue, cause they are 3rd party drivers.

Also there is a problem with migration, cause VM depends on hardware.

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