VMware прикупила сексуальную панель

А VMware все покупает и покупает...

Вот, компанию Integrien купила с их продуктом AliveVM™ - такую гламурную инфо-панель для мониторинга производительности и планирования роста виртуальной инфраструктуры (на сайте стоит посмотреть демо-видео, чтоб понять что это).

Integrien has been acquired by VMware! Check back soon for more information...

As a VMware administrator, you spend up to 80% of your time isolating performance issues in your VMware environment. At Integrien, we believe that diagnosing performance problems in VMware virtual infrastructures should take up far less of your valuable time. AliveVM is a revolution in real-time VMware performance management, providing sophisticated learning-based analytics and stunning visualizations to reduce the time you spend hunting for the sources of performance problems.

AliveVM abstracts the complexity of your virtual environment to three key measures of performance (Health, Workload usage, and Capacity risk) and presents them in hierarchical views that allow you to visually identify problems with virtual elements (e.g., Virtual Machines, ESX Servers, Clusters, etc.) instantly. Once a virtual element problem is identified, a single click takes you to one screen that shows exactly what the problem is. Whether your environment spans 10 or 10,000 VMs, AliveVM will vastly simplify your performance management and virtual infrastructure optimization.

Интересно, ее интегрируют в vCenter/vClient? (Да, я собираюсь написать мануал, как web-приложения воткнуть внутрь vClient)

У VMware на сайте уже промо появилось для покупателей vSphere.

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